CutOpti2d - cutting optimization
What is CutOpti
CutOpti2d is a program for the waste optimization of plate and bar materials.
Cutting patterns are created with minimal waste for any blanks and slugs. The result is graphically represented, for each packing patterns there is a cutting plan (as a graphic), cutting list and extensive evaluations.

  • one-dimensional optimizations (rods, scantlings, profiles)
  • two-dimensional optimizations (plates, blanks swivel or not)
  • the order in which of the packaging is to award a priority for blanks and cuts possible
  • Not to bepackende points (holes or imperfections) denoting possible
  • Residual determination according to selectable size
  • adjustable cutting width of the saw blade
  • Expression of graphics, position lists and cutting instructions
  • Prints customizable using Report Designer (also new reports possible)
  • Import of blank and blanks from files or the Clipboard
  • Import templates as adaptable - and can be saved
  • Import content can be specified using formulas
  • Labels (incl. label Designer)
  • Query and output of edge at banding
  • Edge band for each page can be selected
  • Blanks for blank and blanks
  • all information of a project can be queried via scripts
  • Data storage in files or databases (MS Access, SQL Server or SQL Server Compact)
  • Multilingual (german, English and Russian installed, expandable to any language)

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